The Solution to you Valentine’s Day gifting dilemma!

Valentine's day is now less than two weeks away! Have you decided what to get your special someone? If you haven't had the time to give it much thought yet, don't worry. Are you on the lookout for the most thoughtful V'day gifts, because we have got your back!

We at Bstories really do believe that loungewear makes the best presents all year round, especially our couple pyjamas that are just perfect for valentine's day!

Here are 7 reasons why.

  1. Who doesn't love cute and comfy clothing?

Especially after this entire pandemic, most of us have spent the third of our time sleeping or lazing around the house! Why do it in clothes you don't love?

  1. There is no guilt involved if they open their present early!

The whole point of gifting your loved one matching pyjamas is to be able to wear it with them on the special day. So opening their present before Valentine's day just prepares them for the excitement.

  1. It can turn into a V'day tradition:

Let's all agree, Netflix and Chill really is the best kind of date right now! Make it special with our cute shorty sets or match your partner in the cutest couple pyjamas. This can become a tradition as time goes by, it can be your special thing!

  1. You can take great pictures:

We're sure that we're not the only ones who think coordinated clothing looks great in images! Everybody takes pictures on V'day, so why not make it extra cute?

  1. They won't make you go broke:

Picking out the ideal gift can be pretty hard to do when you're on a budget, but we guarantee you that our comfy robes, shorty sets, and pyjamas will not put a dent in your pocket! Also, this is one gift that you can bet multiple uses out of, what a win-win.

  1. They double as cute winter wear:

February still has you reaching out for sweaters and hoodies, that's because it's still chilly outside! Our Pyjamas and robes double up as really cute winter wear which can keep you all warm and snuggly.

  1. It gets you into the valentine's day spirit!

Even cupid wouldn't be able to resist shooting arrows when you and your partner match in our cute couple jammies, there's nothing better than matching clothing to bring on the V'day spirit.

 We hope that by now you're ready to bid goodbye to the mundane and basic gifts in the form of chocolates, bouquets, or even stuffed animals. As much as women love to be showered with the little things, it’s your time to surprise and sweep them off their feet!

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